I Develop Tools to Help People Learn Better
Hei there 👋🏾
My name is Alexander and I am a web developer, YouTuber, and coding streamer on Twitch.
I was born in 🇰🇪 Nairobi, but now I live in 🇳🇴 Oslo 🤩
I love learning new things, especially about spoken and programming languages.
I have been writing code since 2010 and started working professionally as a developer in 2011.
I am learning about web design, teaching, Imba, and running. You read right, running❣️ More recently I have discovered the joy of running 🏃‍♀️ The picture is from a fun workout with Trappefolket😁

Quick Links

Coding Background

I started out learning HTML / Python before moving on to C++ in order to make video games but left that to make a living with iOS applications. I've also dabbled in Android, Linux Networking, sysadmin, and security.
My dream is to build amazing things that provide insane value to many people

Current Projects

My coach is training me to run a 10K in under 40 minutes. So dreaming about doing a sub40 10k before Christmas hopefully 😅
For my coding projects, I am spending a lot of time helping out medicine students to create flashcards better and easier with Anki. It's really important for me that these tools are affordable to students, so I make them 100% free. No cost to users for anyone anywhere in the world! My most popular project used by medicine students worldwide is:

🎗Support Me

If you like any of my projects you can support me on Patreon, GitHub, and Ko-Fi. Please note that it's very much appreciated but not required to use my projects.
Donations / Tips are non-refundable.

📧 Contact Me

The preferred way to reach me is over e-mail but for convenience, I have added several methods here. I am very active on Discord and check it on a daily basis, join the conversation!