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Will Notion to Anki be around in the next six years?
Yes, it's an open source project.
How do I transfer colors, font and backgrounds from Notion into notion2anki?
They are included in the HTML export. Make sure you don't export your page as Markdown.
Where are the servers running?
DigitalOcean via the Frankfurt datacenter (FRA1) and Netlify for CDN.
Where are you based?
In the Kingdom of Norway 🇳🇴
How do I become a successful developer?
Do things and tell people.
How do I come up with ideas?
Go and read about people's problems on Reddit and solve them.
What is the goal of Notion to Anki?
How do I add images to the front of the card?
How do I make Cloze Deletions
Why don't you just make a Anki add-on?
I am personally not interested in maintaining a Anki add-on. I am very confident that the web is the way to go, let me elaborate.
It's not an experience I desire for myself. Making websites is simple, rewarding, and normal people will appreciate it in many cases. The barrier for entry is lower. The tools are really good and they keep getting better.
It's no secret that add-on development for Anki is like the wild wild west. Stuff keeps breaking between versions and so on. Checkout this podcast episode for a better understanding of my views on this particular subject Deep Weeb Podcast # 4 - Alexander Alemayhu and the challenges of the Anki Ecosystem.
When all of that is said, if enough people beg me to create a official Anki add-on. I will likely do it, but until I am convinced of the return of investment it will only be a nice to have.
What are input cards?
Some images are missing, what do I do?
If you uploaded a HTML only make sure to use the ZIP, the filename ends with .zip. Some browsers automatically unpackage safe files like zip, so make sure to disable that behaviour.
For Safari it's
  1. Open Safari
  1. Click Preferences
  1. Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading

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