Hei friend 👋🏾
My name is Alexander Alemayhu and I am the lead developer of Notion to Anki.
My dream is to build amazing things that provide insane value to many people
If you want to learn more about me, then checkout my personal website https://alemayhu.com/

How do I use this?

This folder contains multiple decks you created.
OBS: Anki can sometimes skip imports if you import too many at once.
☝🏾 For reliable results make sure to try to import one deck at a time.

What is this project Notion to Anki 🤷🏽‍♀️

Notion to Anki 💫 is a passion project. It's provided for free and open source
We are making it the easiest and fastest way to create beautiful Anki flashcards for anyone anywhere around the world 🌎
You can find tutorials on the YouTube channel

How to stay up to date

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For real-time updates join the community on Discord https://discord.gg/PSKC3uS

How You can help 💙🧢🦋

Servers do cost money 🙂 If you can afford it, please support me financially on any of the below platforms. If you want to give me the most money, then GitHub sponsors is the best due to them not taking any cut or fees.
All my financial supports get a personally recorded video or scheduled call on Discord 🤳🏾 Other benefits include
  • early access to ongoing development and look behind the scenes.
  • access to exclusive content on Discord
Check out the Patreon for more or ask on Discord



Other ways to contribute

Notion to Anki is used by people all around the world 🌎 The fact is that a few dollars for some is a lot of money for others. If you really want to support the project but not with money then here are some ideas
  • Watch & Subscribe on our YouTube channel
  • Join me on Twitch when I live stream coding sessions
  • Make a YouTube video teaching other show to effectively use Anki
  • Write a blog post about Notion to Anki
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Happy learning and thank you for trying out Notion to Anki 😊🙏🏾