Notion to Anki is a open source project. It's freely available to anyone anywhere around the world. While you are not required to pay, if you can afford it, please do consider either becoming a patron, sponsoring or any of the below mentioned options.
Here is link to the source code. Contributions are welcome!


Patreon provides a simple platform to receive reoccurring donations from supporters. While they do take a 11% cut, I do prefer them. Special thanks to the amazing people supporting the project there 🀩 If you are interested in becoming a patreon, please click the link below and learn about the benefits.


Not everyone is comfortable with reoccurring expenses. If you would like to send one time donations then you can use my Paypal

GitHub Sponsor

This is the best platform considering they are not taking any fees at all. I still have to pay taxes but it helps a lot to be able to get funds.

One Time Payments

My Referral Links

If you use the links to sign up to DigitalOcean or Skillshare we get a reward 🎁 I am letting you know this for the sake of transparency and also it's a way to support me πŸ˜‰